Machine Design

machines, modules, objects, video
structural loops, error budgets, specifications
sensors, actuators
end effectors
power electronics
real-time networks
   static, dynamic 
motion control
   open-loop, closed-loop
control theory
   bang-bang, PID, acceleration, model predictive, online optimization
   handshake, broadcast, time-stamp, back-pressure
machine control
   virtual, dataflow, video
file formats, interpreters
user interface
path planning
design representation
OpenBuilds, RobotShop
Pololu, Synthetos, Replicape, RAMPS, cncjs, FabMo
Stepper Online, Just Motion Control, Wantai, Oriental Motors, custom
MTM, Squidworks, Fellesverkstedet, Jubilee, Satstep, Urumbu
Shaper, Handibot, FabLight, Formlabs
Joseph, Simone

group assignment
   - actuate and automate your machine
   - document the group project and your individual contribution