My final project - Pillar Cherry Led


Project Sessions

Digital Fabrication, Collaborative Technical Development, Documentation, and Project Management - Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, and Modeling - Computer-Controlled Cutting - Electronics Production - 3D Scanning and Printing - Electronics Design - Molding, Casting and Composites - Embedded Programming - Computer Controlled machining - Input Devices - Composites - Interface and Application Programming - Output Devices - Networking and Communications - Mechanical Design - Machine Design - Digital Fabrication Applications and Implications - Invetion, Intellectual Property, and Business Model - Digital fabrications Project Development - Final Project



Fablab Coimbra




FabLab Aldeias do Xisto - Opening scheduled at 9 of June 2013 (3D visualization of space under construction) For modeling the fablab space, I used the ARCHICAD software.

xistofab 1fab2

Theater Association of Alpedrinha