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Design, make, and document a press-fit construction kit (10, Feb) – “Boner”

I originally planned to make something like this. Then Luciano(our lab assistant) show me some of people’s previous works. He suggested it would be better to make something that can make many different things with fewer parts. So I followed … Continue reading

Time Globe : 3D CAD model

  laser cut wood globe grid 3D printed continents spherical LED array

Time Globe – Progress (06 Feb)

  This is the first 3D model for my Time Globe. I’m going to laser cut wood panels into longitude and latitude pieces and assemble it together. There will be 13 of this (latitude) and 36 of this… (longitude) Assembling … Continue reading

[Solidworks Tutorial] Rugby Ball

SLDPRT file:   The very first thing you have to do is to add toolbars.  To do this, you have to click on the right button on the existing toolbar. Then you’ll see something like this. Click on Dimensions/Relations, Features, … Continue reading